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The Battle Continues on Fishing Limits

A new method for counting fish by the International Pacific Halibut Commission has set off another round of debate among Alaska’s charter and commercial fleets and could have far-reaching effects for both industries. …” 

Commercial fishermen in Southeast Alaska are still in an outcry over newly imposed fishing limits that cut their fishing take.  The fishing limits imposed in other areas are not cutting down on the catch amounts.  At least this article gives some information on the reasoning behind the halibut catch cuts.

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Less Waste but More Cost for Commercial Fishermen

“Large bottom-trawling vessels fishing off Alaska will be required to retain more of the fish they actually catch instead of throwing unwanted species overboard.”

It seems like a good idea to eliminate or lessen the waste caused by throwing away “lesser desirable” fish species, but execution for Alaskan fishermen may be something else.  What will happen to these fish if there’s no market for them? Let’s see how it plays out.

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