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Best Methods for Catch and Release

Many fishermen practice catch and release fishing in Alaska.  Unfortunately, 16% of fish die after being released.  To improve the odds that your catch will continue living after you release it, use the following tips.

  • Refrain from using nets to bring in fish 
  • Don’t remove fish from the water
  • Take care in removing hooks and cut line
  • Don’t use bait
  • Land and bring in fish quickly to reduce the fish’s struggle time
  • Do not touch fish’s gills or eyes
  • Only handle fish with wet hands
  • If you remove the fish from the water, keep it out for less than 30 seconds
  • Remove the hook carefully and quickly
  • When releasing the fish, hold it in the water until it begins to swim, then let it go

The practice of catch and release fishing ensures that Alaska will continue to be the ultimate fishing destination for generations to come.